The cleaning sink of the docking station is full of water, and the robot says the cleaning sink is full.

Updated on 2022/03/08
(1) Gently depress the waste water tank to make sure it is properly installed.
(2) Make sure that the two waste water tank seals in the docking station are correctly installed.
(3) Click the button on the left side of the docking station panel to see if the docking station is pumping properly.If this problem occurs when the docking station is cleaning the mopping pads, first press and hold the center button to end the task, then press the button on the left side to see if water comes out normally:
If water pumps properly, wipe dry the sink overflow sensor in the cleaning tank. Check whether there are foreign objects between the waste water tank and the docking station and clean if necessary.
(4) Make sure there are no foreign objects in the suction port of the cleaning sink.
(5) Reset the docking station power switch.
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