The waste water in the cleaning sink cannot be recycled or the waste water tank doesn't have any water, but the robot reminds that the waste water tank is full.

Updated on 2023/05/25
First check whether the light on the station is flashing, and if it is flashing, disconnect the station from the power, reconnect it, and power it back on before troubleshooting.

1. Open the top cover of the station, take out the waste water tank, open the tank cover, and make sure that the sealing plugs are properly installed. Wait about 10 seconds before closing it.
2. Press down on the sealing plugs for the waste water tank inside the station. After putting the waste tank back into the station and pressing it down, try again.
3. Press and hold the start/stop button for 5 seconds to see if the waste water can be recycled.
4. If the waste water cannot be recycled, take the robot, check the cleaning sink in the station and check whether there is debris blocking the suction nozzle. Clean it if there is debris blocking the suction nozzle.
5. If the robot prompts that the cleaning sink is full of water when the cleaning sink has no water in it, please check whether the water level sensor is dirty, and wipe the water level sensors on both sides of the cleaning sink with tissue.
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