The base station is not dispensing hot water when cleaning the mopping pads.

Updated on 2023/05/25
Note: Every time the cleaning task is started, the mopping pads are moistened with cold water, and then cleaned with hot water.

1. Make sure the robot is connected with the ECOVACS HOME App.
2. Open the app and go to Smart Cleaning > Station. Make sure that the hot water option has been turned on for mopping pads cleaning. Hot water will not be dispensed for pads cleaning if this option is turned off.
3. Check that there is enough water in the clean water tank and add more if needed.
(1) The hot water cleaning button is turned on by default.
(2) If you are using the station’s self-cleaning function, the water will be cold, meaning you cannot use the hot-water cleaning function.
(3) Clean water heating is a dynamic process, and the temperature in the initial stage of the cleaning process will be slightly lower.
(4) If the water temperature is too high, the function will be temporarily turned off to prevent injury.
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