Unable to connect my robot with the ECOVACS HOME App

Updated on 2023/05/25
1. Check the software and phone settings
(1) Scan the QR code on the robot to download the latest version of the app, and ensure that the location permission of the app is enabled in the phone settings (including the GPS\GPRS permission).
Note: For iOS version 14.1 and above, please open the phone settings and go to ECOVACS Home > Enable local network permissions, and then tap Location again to confirm that "Precise location" is enabled.
(2) Temporarily disable the 4G/5G mobile data service, make sure the phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi network, and open other apps/browsers to see whether they can connect to the Internet.
(3) If anti-virus or VPN software is installed on your phone, please turn it off.
2. Check the router settings
(1) It is recommended to set the Wi-Fi name and password to English letters or numbers, and avoid special symbols and Chinese characters.
(2) If a dual-band router is used in the home, the following two points should be noted:
A. If the router is set to Dual Band preferred or Dual Band integration (only one Wi-Fi signal), it can directly configure the network
B. If the router is set to emit two Wi-Fi signals, please temporarily ignore the Wi-Fi signal of the 5G frequency band in the mobile phone wireless network list
(3) During and after network configuration, the router settings cannot hide Wi-Fi signals.
3. Things to note about the network
Follow the app’s prompts to connect to the network.
Note: (1) When entering the Wi-Fi password, make sure that it matches your home Wi-Fi password.
(2) Robot network configuration does not currently support VPN or proxy servers. It also does not support networks that need web page authentication and certification.
(3) If there is an "ECOVACS_XXXX" that appears in the connected network but is unable to join the network, power off the robot and restart it. Wait 2-3 minutes and start again. Try to reconnect to the network.
4. If the above steps do not work, you can try to use a hotspot.
(1) Prepare two phones, one of which has downloaded the latest version of the app and enabled the location permission, and the other has switched on a mobile data shared hotspot. Follow the prompts in the app to complete the connection steps.
(2) If the hotspot can be connected, open the app and go to Settings > DEEBOT Information > Wi-Fi Management and tap "+" to manually add the wireless network.
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