The robot cannot return to the station. What should I do?

Updated on 2023/05/25
1. Keep the area around the station is clear of objects. Remove any obstructions.
2. Has the station been disconnected from the power source or manually moved? If so, please place the station at its original position and re-connect to the power source.
3. Check the station tray and surrounding floor for water puddles. If there are water puddles, wipe the charging tray and surrounding floor with a dry cloth.
4. Check that the mopping pad plates are correctly installed and make sure that you hear a click to indicate that they are in place.
5. If the robot becomes stuck or the alarm is sounded while cleaning, please manually check the robot.
6. Check whether the ground at the station is uneven. If so, please place the station on a flat ground.
7. Check whether the route is blocked, for example, the door of the room where the station is located is closed.
8. Place the robot directly in front of the station, and press and hold the start button to see if it can return to the station. If this does not work, please contact Customer Care.
1. It is recommended that the robot starts cleaning from the station.
2. When the robot is cleaning the mopping pads, the Return to Station button on the app is grayed out and can't be used. Wait until the current task is completed then try again.
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