What should I do if the robot missed areas while cleaning?

Updated on 2023/05/25
How can I tell if the robot is missing areas while cleaning?
Missing areas definition: When the robot is performing the vacuuming and mopping tasks in AUTO Mode or Area Mode, wait for the robot’s voice prompt to indicate that it has completed cleaning. If any area is not cleaned, we can consider it as a missed area.

If there is a missed area, we can do this:
Confirm whether the missed area is always the same area
A. Same area:
(1) Please first confirm whether Bypass carpet cleaning mode in the app is set to avoid carpet. If carpet or a mat is detected in the entrance of the area, the area will be avoided. Please try changing the mode to Auto strategy.
(2) Check for areas with thick carpet or floor mat at the entrance of the area. If the carpet/mat thickness or the door sill height exceeds 2cm, the robot will not pass through, and will give up cleaning the area. It is recommended to make the necessary adjustments.
B. Different areas:
(1) Do not follow the robot while it is cleaning as it will consider you an obstacle. This will lead to missed areas due to obstacle avoidance.
(2) If there are many objects placed in the cleaning area, it may try to avoid them leading to missed areas. Move these objects and then observe if there are any changes.
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