How do I quickly create a map?

Updated on 2023/05/25
Preparations before you create a map
1. Open the doors to the rooms you want to map and remove obstacles that you think may disturb the cleaning. Ensure that there is sufficient light so that the map can cover the entire home environment.
2. Power on the robot (remove the top cover and turn the switch to "I") and place it directly in front of the station.
3. Tap the recall/exit button on the station to make the robot return to charge itself. Once docked it will start charging.

Quick Mapping
1. Make sure your robot is connected with the ECOVACS HOME App and is online.
1) Using the voice assistant:
You can say to the robot: "OK YIKO, Quick Mapping"
2) Using the app:
Open the ECOVACS Home App and go to Smart Cleaning > Quick Mapping
2. After the mapping is complete, the robot will announce that mapping completed. This means the map was successfully created.
Note: (1) When using the voice assistant and the robot receives voice commands, the start button will change from solid white to flashing blue. The light will return to white when completed.
(2) If the robot is not connected to the network, the quick mapping function will be unavailable. However, you can press the start button on the robot to start the robot, and while cleaning the robot will map the environment as it goes. Once complete, the robot will say cleaning complete. This means mapping is completed.
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