The ECOVACS HOME App shows that the robot is offline.

Updated on 2023/05/25
1. If there is only one router at your home and the robot is offline after it is successfully connected with the App, please follow the troubleshooting instructions in the App.

2. If there are more routers at your home, and the routers have different names and passwords, the robot is offline after it's connected successfully with one of the them:
1) The robot should be connected with each router in turn, and then it can automatically switch to the related router WiFi of the cleaning area (only temporarily offline during the switch).
2) You can also add the other router WiFis via the App settings (WiFi management) when DEEBOT is online.

3. If you have a mesh network WiFi router system (WiFi router extenders), please turn off the extenders first, and get the robot connect with the main WiFi router. After the connection is successfully completed, please turn on the extenders, and then your robot can move to the network covered by the extenders automatically.
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