Why can't DEEBOT T10 charge?

Updated on 2022/05/13
(1) Open the top cover and make sure that the DEEBOT is powered on.
(2) Make sure that the docking station is powered on, the DEEBOT is placed correctly on the docking station, and is charging: The AUTO light is flashing. You can also check whether DEEBOT is charging in the App.
(3) Move DEEBOT out of the docking station. Use the App or tap the Recall button on the station to recall DEEBOT to the docking station. Wait for DEEBOT's voice reporting Start Charging and the AUTO light on the robot to start flashing.
(4) It is not recommended to place the robot in the docking station manually, which may lead to the robot not being aligned for charging. When cleaning is activated, repositioning may be triggered, causing positioning to fail.
(5) If the problem persists after following the steps above, please contact ECOVACS Customer Service.
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