3D maps can identify a variety of furniture, why isn't my home furniture recognized?

Updated on 2022/05/13
(1) If you create a map using Quick Mapping, the 3D map information generated may not be complete because
quick mapping is fast and its main purpose is to quickly create a complete map and enable advanced map functions (area cleaning, virtual boundaries, manual partitioning, etc.) in advance. With a complete map, the route can be planned in advance in Mopping mode, avoiding secondary contamination.
At this point, you have two options. 1) Do not edit the 3D map, but let DEEBOT perform another full vacuuming or mopping task. DEEBOT will automatically supplement the 3D map furniture information. 2) You can manually add furniture in the 3D map, and try furniture area aleaning using voice controls in advance. After editing the furniture, your edits of the 3D map will prevail. No further updates will be made to the existing maps.
(2) If the map you created was made in cleaning mode, it may be that DEEBOT has not gone near furniture due to obstructions or other reasons. You can check if the map is complete in the App. You can manually add furniture by going to "Home Furnishings" on the 3D map page.
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