●This means the App function is temporarily unreachable. Please ensure that the following steps are taken to connect your DEEBOT online.
●Pull down the product list to refresh.
●Completely close the App on your smart phone and open it to retry. For Apple smart phones, double click the HOME button and swipe over the App to close it.
●Open the Google Play or App Store to see if there are any updates. Make sure the ECOVACS App/ECOVACS Home App is updated.
●Check the status of the Wi-Fi indicator light (next to the AUTO button).
✔If the Wi-Fi indicator light is blinking, check and see if the password to the 2.4G Wi-Fi connection has changed. 
✔If the Wi-Fi indicator light is solid, check and see if your wireless mobile carrier/telecom operator is experiencing a bandwidth issue or cellphone traffic.
●If you are still having trouble getting your DEEBOT online, please contact ECOVACS Customer Service.