ECOVACS Club Membership Terms

Welcome to the ECOVACS Club (the "Club"). Please read the below terms carefully. By becoming a member of the Club, you are deemed to have accepted the membership terms.
1. Eligibility
If you are aged 18 years or older then you are eligible for an ECOVACS Club membership. Becoming a member means that you meet the requirements of the terms.
Further information on joining, upgrading, earning points and rewards and redeeming rewards can be found below.
2. Becoming a member
If you meet the above eligibility criteria, you can become a member of the Club in any of the following ways:
     You can become a member of the ECOVACS Club by purchasing any product from the official ECOVACS online store at or via the ECOVACS HOME App.
     You can become a member of the ECOVACS Club automatically by registering and connecting an ECOVACS robot to your network via the ECOVACS HOME App.
Please note that you are required to register as a user at prior to purchasing, and you agree and warrant that the personal information provided for registration is true, accurate, current and complete.
3. Earning points
As an ECOVACS Club member, you can earn points in any of the following ways:
 You will be credited 3000 points when you create an account.
 You earn 1 point for every $1 spent on the official ECOVACS online store at or the ECOVACS HOME App. If you return a purchase, the points earned on the purchase will be deducted from your total points.
 Your member account will be credited 500 points when you connect a robot to your network via the ECOVACS HOME App for the first time. You will not be credited any points the next time you connect the same robot to your network via the ECOVACS HOME App. Each member account is eligible to earn points for a maximum of 5 such connections.
 You earn points for completing tasks, including but not limited to those specified below. For specific tasks and the corresponding points, you can check Member Tasks in the Member Center.
Ø  Robot automatic cleaning: When you use the ECOVACS HOME App to start automatic cleaning, we will automatically credit points to your account when the cleaning is finished.
Ø  Robot area cleaning: When you use the ECOVACS HOME App to start the area cleaning, we will automatically credit points to your account when the cleaning is finished.
Ø  Setting the virtual boundary: When you set up virtual boundary using the ECOVACS HOME App, we will automatically credit points to your account.
You can complete tasks and earn points using current and future ECOVACS robot models from one of the designated series: DEEBOT X1, DEEBOT T10, DEEBOT T8, DEEBOT N8 and DEEBOT U2. You cannot earn points using an ECOVACS robot that belongs to a series other than one of those mentioned above.
ECOVACS may, at its discretion and from time to time, decide to change, terminate or add actions that earn points, as well as the number of points earned. Refer to the website for the latest information.
Members must log in to the ECOVACS HOME App in order to earn eligible points. Tasks completed by members will remain constant across different countries. For example, if a user has been rewarded for completing a cleaning task in the United States then switches their country to Germany, the cleaning task still shows as completed.
4. When are points issued?
Once you make a purchase, the corresponding points will be credited to your member account. Approximately 20 days following order payment, the credited points will appear in your account as "pending". If you return your product within these 20 days, the pending status will be canceled; if you do not return your product within these 20 days, the points will be made available for your use; if you return your product after these 20 days, the points will be automatically deducted from your member account.
Your member account will be automatically credited the corresponding points once the connection has been established.
Your member account will be automatically credited the corresponding points once the task has been completed.
5. Expiration of points
Your ECOVACS Club points are valid for a period of 12 months. Expired points will be deducted from your account at the end of the expiration month. For example, unless otherwise stated by ECOVACS, if your account were to be credited points on March 5, 2022, these points would expire at 00:00 on April 1, 2023. You cannot transfer points to another member. Points have no cash value and therefore cannot be exchanged for cash.
6. Point redemption reward
1) Points can be used directly for purchase discounts on the payment page.
Points can be used directly for purchase discounts on the payment page. For every 100 points added, you will receive a $1 discount that can be used for future purchases. For example:
100 points = $1 discount
1000 points = $10 discount 
25000 points = $250 discount
And so on
Members can redeem up to maximum 30% of any DEEBOTs, WINBOTs, AIRBOTs, GOAT purchase and up to maximum 10% of any accessories or parts purchase. When the order both have DEEBOT/WINBOT/AIRBOT/GOAT and accessories/parts, the redemption ratio will be counting separately. For example: the order amount is $1000 including $800 DEEBOT purchase and $200 accessories purchase, you can redeem up to 24000 points (= $240) for DEEBOT and 200 points (= $20) for accessories, so you will only need to pay $740 after redemption.
Once the order payment has been completed, the points will be redeemed and deducted accordingly.
If the order is returned for a refund, the redeemed points will be returned to the member's account and the validity period of the points will be recalculated based on the credit date. You need to contact customer service to register your returned points.
The points discount can be combined with coupons and is calculated based on the price after the coupon discount.
Points cannot be used as payment for gift cards, taxes, freight, packing and delivery fees. You must log in to your official online store account in order to redeem points for discount.
2) Points can be used to redeem products or coupons.
Points redemption is only available for members; non-members are not eligible for points redemption.
Points redemption includes both redemption with points only and redemption with points plus pay. "Redemption with points only" refers to when users use only points to redeem products or coupons, while "redemption with points plus pay" refers to when users need to use a certain amount of points in combination with a certain amount of payment to redeem products or coupons.
Points can be redeemed for coupons and physical products. The number of points required for different products or coupons will vary depending on the product or value of the coupons chosen. Some products require members to reach a certain membership level in order to be eligible to redeem. See notes for detailed terms of use.
Some items are available for redemption in limited quantities and for a limited time. The specific redemption time period will be marked on the redemption page. Redemption times are based on the Pacific Time zone.
Before finalizing your redemption, please read the item description carefully and check the number of points required and the redemption terms and conditions.
Points will be deducted immediately after redemption. The payment methods available for items eligible for redemption with points plus pay are the same as the payment methods for normal purchases. Please refer to the corresponding terms and conditions on the website.
7. Membership levels
The ECOVACS Club has three membership levels, VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3. Members can earn points to upgrade their membership level by earning points as outlined in Section 3. The higher the level, the more membership benefits there are to enjoy.
VIP1: 1–4999 points
VIP2: 5000–19999 points
VIP3: 20000 points and more
8. Account usage
Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and accounts and are solely responsible for all activities that occur using their passwords or accounts.
9. Cancellation of membership
You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in to
We may cancel your membership at any time at our discretion for some reason, including but not limited to, if we determine that you (a) are not eligible, (b) have not used your account for a long period of time, (c) have violated any of the terms and conditions of the Club or any applicable laws or regulations, or (d) have engaged in any deception, forgery, fraud or any other abuse of the Club regulations. If we determine that you have earned points or rewards by error, fraud or deception or by any unauthorized means, we may withdraw the corresponding points or rewards.
If you cancel an order or ECOVACS cancels your membership, you will lose your accumulated points.
After you cancel your membership, you can still become a member again provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Once you regain membership, the points cleared from your previous account will not be added to your account
ECOVACS has the final right of interpretation of the terms of membership. ECOVACS reserves the right to change or cancel any terms of the Club at any time. If we change these terms, we will notify you by publishing the new terms here. These changes will take effect on the date of revision as shown in the revised terms. By becoming a member once again, you agree to the revised terms.
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