Wi-Fi Network Confirmation

1. Temporarily disable the cellular data (4G or 5G data service) of your phone and make sure your smart phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. We strongly recommend the WiFi network name ( SSID ) and password in both numeric digits and letters to enhance security and convenient input.

2. The connection does not support VPN or Proxy server.

3. The connection does not support web authentication or certification.

4. The robot supports Wi-Fi protocol of 802.11b/g/n 2.4G IPv4; it can support single band in 2.4GHz or mix network of 2.4GHz/5GHz

5. The robot supports 1-11 Frequency Channel (North Americas); and also support 12-13 signal (follow local administrator policy)

6. If your home Wi-Fi router supports dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), and “Band steering” or “dual band in one “, please activate it so that the two network (2.4GHz+5GHz) will integrate into one network name. You may connect your smart phone to this network and start further connection process

7. If your home Wi-Fi router is a dual band router, and they are separated in two network name (SSID), please select the 2.4GHz network and ignore the 5GHz SSID

8. The robot does not support hidden SSID network,  meaning the Wi-Fi SSID network name should be visible on your smart phone,  to identify the network and continue the connection process.

Device configuration timed out 

Error code:e.g.(406,10017)

· Make sure that you have disabled mobile data on the phone, such as mobile 4G network
· Make sure the robot is connected to your phone via Wi-Fi
If the robot Wi-Fi "ECOVACS_xxxx" is not found in the network settings, restart the robot (press and hold the RESET button until a startup sound plays) and the router, exit the App and try again
View more error codes and solutions >

Other common issue solution

1. Download the latest version of "Ecovacs Home APP", and make sure to enable the Data & Wi-Fi and Location (including GPS\GPRS) permissions for the APP in the phone's settings

2. Before configuring the network, connect the mobile phone to the home Wi-Fi and disable the 4G mobile data service

3. At present, network setup is only applicable to 2.4GHZ band routers. If you use a dual-band router, you may choose to "Forget or Don't Save" Wi-Fi hotspot in the 5G band in the phone's settings (you may reconnect to the hotspot in the 5GHz band after the setup, if necessary). If the dual-band router uses the same Wi-Fi name and password, or has the "Dual-band Priority/Dual-band Merger" function enabled, you may move to configuring the network. We recommend using English letters or numbers as the Wi-Fi password

4. Open the APP and follow the prompts: Add Device - Connect to Home Wi-Fi - Turn On - Press the "Reset" button, tap "Next" after you hear the voice prompt of "Entering network setup mode". If the network name is recognized as "unknown SSID" in the step of "Connect to Home Wi-Fi", enable the "Location" (including GPS\GPRS) permissions for the APP in the phone's settings

5. Connect the robot to your phone, once you hear the prompt, "DEEBOT is connected to your phone. Please return to the App and wait for the network setup to complete," return to the App and wait for the network setup to complete

6. For some phones, you may skip the "Connect" step and return to the App and wait for the network setup to complete

7. For some Android phones, after connecting to "ECOVACS-XXXX" via Wi-Fi, there will be a pop-up prompt saying "Unable to connect to this WLAN" on the phone screen. According to different prompts, it may be one of the following situations. Make sure the mobile phone maintains a Wi-Fi connection with DEEBOT:1)If asked whether to switch other networks: select "Do Not Switch";2)If asked "Do you want to switch to a better network?" Choose "No";3)If asked "Do you want to continue to use this network?" Choose "Yes"

8. Return to the App and wait for the network setup to complete. When the progress exceeds 50%, check if the current network connected by the mobile phone is the Wi-Fi network that you've selected for DEEBOT's network setup. If not, you must manually switch the network in the WLAN list. After switching, return to the App and wait for the network setup to complete

9. If the phone has anti-virus and VPN software installed, it is recommended to re-configure the network after disabling this software

10. The network reconfiguration has failed. Try using another phone and enable a 4G mobile data sharing hotspot in lieu of a home router, then repeat the network setup steps. If the hotspot configuration is successful, we recommend that the user change the hotspot name and password to the home Wi-Fi name and password. After the network is set up, the mobile hotspot can be turned off. After restarting, the robot will automatically switch to the home router. Check if the Wi-Fi LED indicator has stopped blinking. If so, it means the network is connected

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