DEEBOT misses certain areas when it cleans.

Updated on 2020/08/04
(1) The room's threshold is over 20 mm, which is taller than DEEBOT's obstacle traversing capacity. DEEBOT must be manually moved into the room to be cleaned. After DEEBOT has finished cleaning, move it back out of the room and the deebot will continue cleaning the other rooms.
(2) Check whether there is dust in the TrueDetect 3D Smart Detection System. If there is, wipe it gently with a dry paper towel.
(3) A complex environment or a high threshold or mat in the doorway may be mistakenly identified as an obstacle by the TrueDetect 3D Smart Detection System, and the DEEBOT will not enter the room to clean. The user may move the mat or disable the TrueDetect 3D Smart Detection function in the App settings.
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