How to map my home for the first time? How to start Quick Mapping?

Updated on 2022/03/08
Preparing your house :
Open the doors to the rooms you want to map and remove obstacles that you think may disturb the cleaning. Connect your robot with the ECOVACS Home App before the mapping.

There are two ways to start the mapping (let the robot start from the base station):
1. Quick Mapping: When all is ready, say it to DEEBOT: "OK YIKO" Qucik Mapping or tap Start Qucik Mapping in the App
2. Normal mapping via an AUTO cleaning cycle

Once the mapping is completed, you can manage the map and unlock more advanced functions in the App such as virtual wall, custom cleaning etc.

NOTES: For the first time mapping, it's not recommended to attach the mopping pad plates as the robot will not go over the carpets in Vacuum and Mopping mode or in Mopping mode.
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