The robot is unable to update firmware.

Updated on 2023/05/25
Unable to update firmware?
1. Check whether DEEBOT is in charging state.
2. Check DEEBOT’s remaining battery charge. If DEEBOT’s battery is low or empty, the firmware upgrade cannot be performed. It is recommended to upgrade after 3 hours of charging.

Firmware fails to update?
1. Please place the DEEBOT and station in a location with a strong network signal. If DEEBOT is located in a location with a weak signal, it may experience a download timeout and the upgrade may fail.
2. Check if the station can control the robot. You can tap the start/pause button on the station and observe the outcome. If there is no response, the upgrade will fail. You can try to pair the robot and station again and then try the upgrade again after the pairing is successful.
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