DEEBOT has difficulty returning to or cannot find the Docking Station.

Updated on 2021/04/02
(1) Make sure that the door to the room where the Docking Station is located is not closed.
(2) Keep an area 0.5 m either side and 1 m in front of the Docking Station clear of obstacles and reflective objects (such as mirrors, metals and glasses).
(3) We recommend setting DEEBOT to start cleaning from the Docking Station. (If the DEEBOT is away from the Docking Station, please move it to the Docking Station. After hearing "I'm starting to charge", press the AUTO Mode Button or use the mobile phone to start the robot from the Docking Station).
(4) Check whether there is dust on the lens and clean if necessary.
(5) Keep the room as lighting as possible while the robot is cleaning.
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