What are some things considerations for DEEBOT T9 when mopping the floor?

Updated on 2021/04/02
DEEBOT T9 provides you with the OZMO Pro Reservoir, suitable for both everyday floor cleaning and deep cleaning. It effectively removes dust, light stains and deep stains.
1. The OZMO Pro Reservoir comes with disposable cleaning pads, instead of a washable cleaning pad. It is not recommended to wet the disposable cleaning pad before use. Attach the disposable cleaning pad to the frame on the OZMO Pro Reservoir, then install the OZMO Pro Reservoir in the robot. There are two OZMO Pro mopping modes to choose from: Quick Scrubbing mode and Deep Scrubbing mode.
2. When installing the reservoir, ensure that it is fitted securely to the robot body. This is indicated by a distinct locking sound.

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