DEEBOT T9 cleans the same area repeatedly or misses an area, and the map is incomplete or tilted in the App. What should I do?

Updated on 2021/04/02
(1) If a large area is temporarily left uncleaned, the robot will automatically clean the missed area. There is no need to worry about T9's automatic cleaning logic: After the mapping is complete, the DEEBOT cleans rooms one by one based on the principle of proximity. When it has finished cleaning one room, it will automatically enter the next room.
(2) Sometimes the robot enters a cleaned room not because it is going to clean the room again, but because it is attempting to intelligently correct its mistake.
(3) If the robot is moved or gets stuck, the automatic positioning may fail, which causes repeated or missed cleaning. Therefore, we recommend avoid manually moving or disturbing the DEEBOT during cleaning.
(4) If the user wishes to clean a specific area, we recommend using "Custom Mode" in the App to select a certain area on the map. The DEEBOT will automatically leave the Docking Station and move to the selected area to start cleaning. (If the DEEBOT is cleaning when Custom Mode is selected, the user should end the current cleaning task, help the DEEBOT return to the Docking Station, and then begin the Custom Mode). )
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