Mopping with your OZMO 920 / 950 / T5

Updated on 2020/07/15
Having your OZMO 920 / 950 / T5 mop your floors is a great addition to vacuuming your home. Your robot detects where your carpet is, and where your wood, tile and linoleum floors are.

To start mopping, pick up your OZMO 920 / 950 / T5 from the charging dock, and pull out the OZMO mopping reservoir from the back of the robotic vacuum:

Next, fill up the water tank with water. And please don't use anything but water - cleaning fluid or wax can eventually gum up the water emitting nozzles.

Add the mopping pad to the mopping plate. It will stick snuggly on the velcro.

Next, snap the mopping plate onto the bottom of the reservoir.

Slide the reservoir back into the OZMO 920 / 950 / T5. Now your robot will be ready to mop!

Place the robot back on the charging dock and go back to your app - and tap the AUTO button. The robot now knows it is in mopping mode - It will go out and find ONLY your hard surface floors to mop (it will not travel over carpet in mopping mode). When it is done mopping, it will return to the charging dock. Once there, feel free to remove the mopping plate and pad - your robot will now return to the standard vacuuming mode.

To adjust the amount of water being used while mopping, just go into the app setting (by clicking the three ... in the upper right hand corner, and tap Water Flow Level:

In there, you can choose 4 levels of water usage (make sure you tap Save):
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