How do I enable the AIVI function?

Updated on 2020/07/15
a) The AIVI function is enabled by default setting. Once the AI function is enabled, AIVI will be able to automatically recognize shoes, slippers, socks, cleaning pads, electrical cords, floor mats and its charging dock. Once the robot recognizes these objects, it can make intelligent decisions to avoid them, and is much less likely to get stuck.
b) In future software upgrades on the ECOVACS Home App, AIVI will be capable of recognizing additional objects. Upgrade your unit in a timely manner through the ECOVACS Home App to ensure the unit has the latest functions.
c) AIVI is best able to recognize objects in a well-lit environment. Dim lighting will significantly affect this function. For the best performance, use the AIVI function during the daytime or turn on the room lights. However, natural light will not affect the robot's use of DTOF to plan its cleaning and only potentially affect AIVI recognition.
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