DEEBOT created a map that is confusing/skewed/overlaid/incomplete

Updated on 2023/03/10
For maps that are confusing/skewed/overlaid:
1. Confirm that the map has been saved successfully (area functions can be used normally).
2. Turn off the power switch, turn DEEBOT back on, then place DEEBOT correctly on the charging dock to attempt to recover the map. If the map cannot be recovered, try moving the charging dock to a different position and restart mapping.
Recommendations for use:
1. The charging dock should be properly positioned against the wall (ensure there are no obstacles within 0.5 m to the left and right and 1 m in front of the charging dock).
2. Do not move DEEBOT during cleaning.
3. Strong direct light and reflective objects in the home environment may cause issues when mapping.
4. Check the side of the navigation sensor regularly for dirt and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel if necessary.
5. We recommend deleting any maps in the App, and then remapping.

For maps that are incomplete:
1. Before DEEBOT starts mapping, try to open all the doors of the room you want DEEBOT to map, and organize items in the home to allow DEEBOT to move freely.
If a door of a room is closed during mapping, the next time DEEBOT cleans, open the door of the room, and DEEBOT will enter automatically. The map will also update automatically.
2. High thresholds in the home, dark floors, strong direct light, etc. may lead to incomplete mapping.
High thresholds: We recommend setting up virtual walls in the App.
Dark floors: We recommend covering the surface with mats.
Strong direct light: We recommend drawing curtains or mapping at a different time.
3. People or pets should not follow DEEBOT when mapping.
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