Mapping/Multi-floor map saving/replacing/switching

Updated on 2023/03/10
Mapping notes:
1. Do not change the position the charging dock after the robot has set off from the charging dock.
2. Please do not manually help the robot when it is returning to charge.
3. Promptly see to any alarm that occurs during mapping.

Multi-floor map saving:
To carry out multi-floor mapping, you'll need to manually save maps — the robot can save 2 permanent maps + 1 new environment map.
1) Click on "Map Management" in the bottom left corner of the main screen in the App to access the "Multi-floor Mapping" section.
2) After the robot has completed the mapping, go to "Map Management" to save the map.

Map replacing: If you've already saved two maps, when you need to save a third (a new environment map), you'll need to replace one of the two existing maps.

Multi-floor map switching:
Method 1: Move the robot to the area you want to clean. Tap the Navigation button in the upper-left corner of the App. Once positioning is successful, the corresponding map will be loaded automatically.
Method 2: Move the charging dock to where it was placed when the map was created, place the robot on the charging dock and recover the map.
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