After the robot has created a map and started cleaning, why does it lose the map or start creating the map again?

Updated on 2024/06/17
(1) If your home has carpets, try leaving the cleaning pad plate off the robot when it initially creates the map, so the carpets don't block it from entering some areas. In addition, leave the doors inside your home completely open and make sure the robot has sufficient battery power to ensure the robot can finish cleaning and mapping in one attempt.
(2) Do not move the robot frequently while it is cleaning. If you need to change the cleaning pad or empty the dust bin, return the robot to its original location before starting it again. The robot will try to reposition itself and continue cleaning.
(3) If the robot loses the map, as long as the charging dock has not moved, you can return the robot to the charging dock. The robot will announce Restoring Map and automatically try to restore the map.
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