DEEBOT produces a strange/loud noise when cleaning

Updated on 2024/06/17
1. Remove the side brush, clean it and its bearing. When installing, the color of the side brush and the cartridge slot should be the same.
2. Remove the main brush cover and the main brush, remove the two end fittings and clean them. When installing the cover, make sure that the four sides snap into place.
3. Turn the universal wheel to check for smooth rotation. (If it does not rotate smoothly, remove the universal wheel and clean it)
4. When DEEBOT is powered off, press on both sides of each drive wheel and slide the wheel at the same time to check for rotation and then for spring back when released. Clean wheels after if necessary.
5. Clean the dust bin and filter unit regularly.
6. DEEBOT will produce a loud noise when cleaning with high suction power.
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