Why does WINBOT Status Indicator Light flash BLUE after the robot is attached to the glass?

Bijgewerkt op 2020/07/15
1. Check if you attached the Safety Pod correctly. The Safety Pod Status Indicator Light should grow a continuous GREEN if it is attached correctly.
2. The cleaning pad may be attached incorrectly and is covering the Fan or the Edge Detection Sensors. Remove the Cleaning Pad and re-attach it, making sure it is placed exactly within the proper area and does not cover the Fan or the Edge Detection Sensors.
3. Fan malfunction. Please clean the fan.
4. Edge Detection Sensors malfunction. Please clean them.
5. Glass is too dirty for WINBOT to be attached. Clean a small area of the glass manually and place WINBOT there, or clean the whole window by hand first and use WINBOT for regular cleaning after that.

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