Why do the side brushes rotate slowly or not rotate at all while the DEEBOT T9 is cleaning?

Bijgewerkt op 2021/04/02
1. When the battery is low, DEEBOT automatically switches to Returning to Charging Dock mode. While in Returning to Charging Dock mode, the side brushes turn slowly. After fully charging at the charging dock, DEEBOT will work normally and the brushes will rotate at a normal speed.
2. Something is entangled in the side brushes and preventing them from rotating. Check for debris and clear away.
3. The side brushes were not correctly installed. Remove and reinstall the side brushes.
4. The plastic parts on the side brush fixing screws are cracked or the screws are loose. Replace the side brush.
If the problem persists after you have eliminated the problems above, please contact ECOVACS customer service.
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