Why does DEEBOT X1 not start auto-emptying when it returns to the docking station?

Bijgewerkt op 2022/03/08
(1) Ensure the docking station is connected to the power source.
(2) Ensure the docking station's power cord is connected and plugged into the socket correctly.
(3) Please ensure that the disposable dust bag is fitted correctly.
(4) Auto-emptying will not start when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled in the settings.
(5) Auto-emptying will not start when you let DEEBOT return to the docking station after you have finished Video Manager.
(6) Auto-emptying will not start if you move DEEBOT back to the docking station by hand; it is only triggered when DEEBOT returns automatically.
(7) The charging pins on the docking station may be dirty. Please try to clean with a dry paper towel and try again.
If the problem persists, please contact ECOVACS Customer Service.
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