If DEEBOT is paused while cleaning, can it resume cleaning from that location?

Updated on 2021/03/05
(1) DEEBOT N8 has a static repositioning function. If the robot is moved to the same room, the user can press the AUTO Mode Button and the robot will resume cleaning, reducing the probability of missed and repeated cleaning.
(2) If DEEBOT is cleaning in room A before the mapping is complete and the user moves the DEEBOT to room C (which is a new environment), the DEEBOT will locate, detect the new environment and restart mapping. We recommend that during the first initial mapping, the user avoids moving the robot manually before the navigation and mapping of the entire area is completed (when "Area Cleaning" is displayed, this means the mapping is complete).
(3) When the mapping is completed, and if DEEBOT is cleaning in room A and the user moves it to room C, after the DEEBOT relocates successfully it will return to the original place in Room A (prior moving) to continue cleaning. Once it completed cleaning room A, it will moves to the next room. To clean room C, the user can select Area Cleaning in the App (select room C, then press Start to clean).
(4) A complex environment may cause the repositioning to fail and trigger a new cleaning process. We therefore recommend helping DEEBOT get out of trouble but avoiding any unnecessary manual repositioning during the entire-home cleaning process. To clean a specific area, the user can start the Custom Mode in the App when the mapping is completed.
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