My house has a very large surface area, so my DEEBOT is unable to finish mapping. What should I do?

Updated on 2020/07/15
When a single-story home has an extremely large surface area (more than 200 square meters), the robot may run out of power and go into recharge mode, returning to its charging dock before mapping has been completed successfully. If mapping is interrupted for these reasons, the map will not be saved. In order to avoid this problem, we suggest you:
● Place the charging dock in a central location within your house and avoid putting it in a corner. If the charging dock is placed in a corner, the chances of DEEBOT failing to create a map are greatly increased.
● DEEBOT has a function called "Continuous Clean". This function is switched off by default. If your home has a very large surface area, we suggest you switch on this function. If this function is enabled, DEEBOT will remember how many maps it has created when it has run out of power. Once fully charged, the robot will activate automatically and continue to create any maps that are not yet complete.
● If the problem persists, please contact Ecovacs Customer Service.
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