What are the advanced features of DEEBOT and how can I use them?

Updated on 2020/07/15
● The advanced features include Map Saving, Area Cleaning, Virtual Boundary, etc;
● Map Saving: The map will be saved only when DEEBOT has finished cleaning and automatically returned to the charging dock; when cleaning for the first time, DEEBOT will not save the map if you carry it back to the charging dock or manually control it to do so. Once saved, the map will be used by DEEBOT for the next cleaning task to increase efficiency;
● Area Cleaning: Once a map is saved, DEEBOT will automatically demarcate it to form different areas based on the layout of your rooms. You can then choose any area to clean separately;
● Virtual Boundary: Once a virtual boundary is created on the map, DEEBOT will not enter the virtual rectangular boundary for cleaning. The virtual boundary setup takes effect immediately. To ensure that DEEBOT will not enter the virtual boundary, it will be paused during the setup process. DEEBOT will resume its task after you exit the virtual boundary editing page.
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