DEEBOT misses certain areas when it cleans.

Updated on 2020/07/15
●We recommend setting DEEBOT to start cleaning from the charging dock and not move DEEBOT while cleaning is in progress. This will allow it to create a complete map of your home and avoid any missed areas.
●If the floor area of your home is very large, and the unit is unable to finish cleaning all areas on one charge, turn on the “Continuous Clean” function. When the unit runs low on battery mid-clean, it will return to the charging dock. Once fully recharged, it will return to the uncleaned area and continue cleaning.
●Areas that are only slightly wider than the unit may be difficult or even impossible for the unit to enter due to the narrow conditions. To specifically clean these missed areas, you can try using the “Custom Clean” function in the app.
●Do not stand in doorways, halls, or other narrow passageways for a long period of time. Otherwise, the unit may recognize you as a barrier and not clean these areas.
●Check whether the doorways to the areas that did not get cleaned have relatively high thresholds (higher than 16 mm). The unit cannot climb over these. Help the unit climb over any such thresholds.
●Check whether there are light and soft rugs/floor mats, electrical cords, shoes, slippers, or other obstacles in the doorways to the areas that were not cleaned. The unit may have been unable to enter these areas as AIVI recognized the objects as barriers. Remove any such objects.
●If none of the above resolves the problem, reset the map and move the charging dock to a different room or against a different wall. Then, have the unit start from the charging dock to do its cleaning. (For example: The unit used to clean in an east-west direction after leaving the charging dock. After moving the charging dock, it cleans in a north-south direction.)
●If the problem remains unresolved, try turning off the AI function in the app and setting the unit to start cleaning again from the charging dock.
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