Unable to launch real-time video, or there is no image?

Updated on 2020/07/15
●Check the unit’s Wi-Fi connection. The real-time video will work normally only if the unit is in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
●User authorization is required for real-time video. Go to the applicable privacy agreement to indicate your consent before trying the video again.
●As home networks will have different delays at different times (delays will be longer when there is more equipment in the network and shorter when there is less), images may take some time to load. If the images do not load after several attempts, try powering the unit off and back on (red power switch under the cover) and then reconnect.
●Check whether the camera lens is obstructed (for example, if the unit is still at the charging dock, the camera lens will be obstructed by the charging dock). Remove any obstructions.
●For the best results, stay on top of the latest firmware updates and upgrade your unit via the ECOVACS Home App in a timely manner.
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