Why can't the GOAT G1 charge?

Updated on 2023/04/12
(1) Make sure that the docking station is powered on, the GOAT is placed correctly on the docking station, and is charging: The blue light on the docking station is breathing; Voice reporting of charging; The display shows "Charging".
(2) Push the GOAT back into the docking station; Wait until the GOAT says, "Start Charging" and the blue indicator on the docking station starts breathing.
(3) Check whether the charging contacts are clean. Copper rust on the charging contacts may cause charging failure.
(4) When the battery temperature is ≤ 0°C or ≥ 55°C, the battery will trigger high/low temperature protection and charging will fail; When the battery temperature returns to 3–55°C, the fault will be cleared and charging will continue (there is a certain degree of error in the sensor reading)
If the problem persists, please contact ECOVACS Customer Care.
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