Why has the outer outline setting failed?

Updated on 2023/04/12
(1) Make sure that you have enough Navigation Beacons installed and they are correctly positioned as instructed
(2) Make sure that the Navigation Beacons are in normal status without displacement during mapping
(3) Confirm if the GOAT has been moved or dragged during mapping, as moving the GOAT can cause mapping to fail. It is recommended that you level the garden ground to reduce the chance of moving or dragging the GOAT due to it becoming trapped when being remotely controlled
(4) Make sure that there is sufficient light and no rain when mapping
(5) Confirm that the Bluetooth connection has not failed for more than one hour
(6) Confirm that the GOAT is automatically connected to the docking station after the outer outline setting is completed according to the instructions in the app. If you manually control the GOAT to the docking station, or push the GOAT to the docking station, the map cannot be closed properly.
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